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Why #100DaysOfCode ?!

Why would anyone enjoy coding outside of business hours?

After a day of hard work the only thing you want to do is relax or have fun.

Even kids know that programming is fun.

In the last "season":

I had created this blog specifically to record my first #100DaysOfCode challenge.

The initial plan was to post on the blog every day during the challenge, and once it was over abandon the blog for good.

I had decided not to write in this blog anymore, because I liked the idea that it was something finished, "complete".

For a few weeks, this website only had the blog that started with my first day of the challenge and the last blog article was for a while the hundredth day.

Until today.

I confess to you that while I was writing the last post, I was a bit relieved at the idea of not having to write in this blog anymore.

After a hundred posts written at a tight interval, I needed a break, but I had underestimated the problem of breaking a routine. I also missed writing and I liked my coding habit.

Needless to say, I am not doing this for fame or glory. Least of all for the money.

I have often used some of the articles in this blog as a reference when I was away from home. Incredibly useful.

Having a blog or a coding journal is very useful, because it also allow me to organize the resources I use, it is also useful to remind me how I solve certain problems.

Moreover, I improve my English.

Map of blog views

And I'm conquering the world.

English is not my mother tongue, and I may have occasionally written sentences that don't make any sense, but I preferred this language to my own so that I could share my journey and the choices I've made with as many people as possible.

I did not expect any readers except me.

What happened when I stopped blogging

Since I stopped blogging, my productivity has decreased exponentially and the thing that bothered me the most was the lack of some sort of journal. Weeks later I had a hard time remembering what I did.

I take on the #100DaysOfCode challenge again for the second time. But this time, I decide to do the challenge without writing anything on the blog because it seemed right to leave the blog "complete" for life.

How stupid.

I remember that I started the second round of the #100DaysOfCode challenge, when I started writing the code of the 7th project for OpenClassRooms

My 7th project is a social network created with the MEVN stack and Bootstrap.

In 31 days I finished all the suggested courses and wrote the last project of the OpenClassRooms web developer formation.

Once my training was over, in the following days, I resumed the freeCodeCamp curriculum and took two certificates: JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures, APIs & Microservices.

A few days later, I received the diploma from OpenClassRooms.

I am now a certified web developer in France.

Very nice, I will put it in the drawer with the others.

Then something happened: I started to relax and I broke the chain.

With no more blog to write on and no more deadlines dictated by projects, my productivity took the ultimate hit.

My problem is that I love learning new things but also changing overnight what I study or do.

So I broke the streak and lost the second round of the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

I get distracted easily if I am relaxed.

When people think relax, they definitely don't mean what I consider relax.

I've started studying the basics of information security. To put what I learn into practice, I used OverTheWire.

I chose Bandit (the easiest) but abandoned it towards the end. Too difficult at times. I would like to have a mentor or a programming partner.

I created a site for my girlfriend because I wanted to try InstantWP. It looks like a great solution to have a whole portable website done in WordPress on a USB stick and I hope that InstantWP will be updated.

Her site is still Work In Progress and I have moved it to Pantheon, where I have started editing the basic theme and installing and testing various plugins.

I started doing CSS battles. After finishing the 12 challenges of Battle #1 - Pilot Battle I didn't continue. I can't tell you why.

I started studying Spanish with Duolingo / Memrise / Drops / Rosetta Stone. Then dropped out. No puedo más.

I fixed my first freeCodeCamp project, but this time I didn't use CodePen. I put it on GitHub and used HTML5 boilerplate as a template.

I have studied typography, UX/UI, web design, Lunacy.

At this moment I didn't know what to do anymore, so I changed my routine.


I played I don't know how many hours and how many video games before I was bored out of my mind.

Unbelievable to say, me getting bored playing video games, but they are all starting to feel like meaningless slot machines.

But I like to play. In addition, there is a global pandemic underway. So... I played card games.

Magic The Gathering & Disney Villainous Card games
Magic The Gathering & Disney Villainous

Board games.

Marvel Champions - Carcassonne - Hero Realms Board games
Marvel Champions - Carcassonne - Hero Realms

I can't enjoy the day if I don't learn something new, even during holidays I feel guilty everytime I enter in "Relax Mode".

So I changed my daily routine AGAIN.

I learned how to make mixes

Hercules DJControl Compact

I also started playing the piano.

Piano lessons on youtube. A desktop with a laptop and a piano keyboard on a side.

I started recording myself playing.

My registration studio. A desktop with of two laptops, Thomann DP-26 keyboard, Ibanez RG.

I started making beats with Caustic 3.

(Caustic 3 is a multi-platform portable Digital Audio Workstation)

Caustic 3 is a multiplatform portable DAW

Then, I felt a little guilty and...

I went back down the path of freeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries, but React sucks too much for me.

React with its JSX, CSS-in-JS is like a soup of languages. And it tastes horrible.

React code is Comme si je Hablo en Questo modo And every Trois Seconds Yo Cambio lingua.

It doesn't make any sense. I prefer VueJS.

I prefer Vue JS vs React

What I have been doing lately

I am making small progress on the freeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries path and I hope to find the strength to finish the course and get the certificate. I don't like React syntax but freeCodeCamp uses this framework.

In my spare time I study music theory and play guitar to my physical limit.

I am following the best online guitar course ever called "Justin guitar" and I also play with Rocksmith 2014 on PC.

"Don't spent time on things that don't give you value in your life"

Justin Sandercoe

Now it is time to answer the question:

Another round of #100DaysOfCode?


It's obvious that someone like me needs a blog and a routine to stay focused on the goal.

Doing the things that make me happy: Improve my skills as a musician and programmer.

I just need to figure out how to set up a routine of my own. It needs to be designed so that I can maintain it when I go back to work in a few days.

Last time, I had underestimated the difficulty of writing useful content regularly and at tight intervals, but in reality I don't have enough time to blog every day (This post you're reading was written in three days).

So my daily routine needs to be doable and not too fast paced. Ideally:

Using the Pomodoro technique I know I can do this.

February 2024


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