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Nowadays, it would be a difficult task to travel a long distance without any kind of help.

Not having a roadmap in one's learning path is equivalent to traveling without planning the journey.

Not having a time management technique in one's learning path is equivalent to wandering around a small town looking for information. Only time is wasted.

Imagine starting your journey without a plan. What do you think will happen towards the middle of your journey?

Ahead of you, several possibilities branching out, unexpected events creating even more choices.

You can take a small shortcut….

The Tirrenia cruise ship decorated with Batman and Robin from DC Comics

…Or another option is to travel only by car. Or a mix of the two. But we still need to have a plan.

Highway from Italy to France, blue sky with green mountains.

The same applies to programming and especially web development. We need a plan.

This is what happens when you don't have a clear and defined roadmap

So what's your roadmap? Where are you now? Where are you going?

You need a map to understand WHERE you are, and WHERE are you going. On top of that, you need to know HOW to go from point A to point B.

We are very lucky today because there are lots of people that SHARE their KNOWLEDGE. I had the chance to see a tweet from Catalin Pit where he showed the full stack developer path. So I used to remove all the things I never used before in order to understand WHERE I AM at this moment.

My personal roadmap
This is more or less all the personal knowledge that I have accumulated on these topics

Now I know if there is something important that I am missing and also, I can better understand what to do next.

Sunset in France, blue sky with clouds

If you are still reading and you are wondering which method I suggest to manage your time and improve your efficiency...

I suggest to use the "Pomodoro Technique"! This improved my productivity by A LOT! Now I am more efficient and I can adjust my time for every task I have planned.

Here is a video with the full explanation of this technique.

June 2024


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