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Day 94: 6 December 2020

I really like using so today I wanted to learn this tool and get better at writing back end code.

Having completed the course on freeCodeCamp, building small projects is the best way to get better at coding.

I also finished building my 6th OpenClassRooms project with node / express / mongoDB few days ago, so this is the perfect moment to create something, anything.

freeCodeCamp to the rescue!

**Today’s Progress:**

Completed the APIs and Microservices Project - Timestamp Microservice on freeCodeCamp

My solution

Completed the APIs and Microservices Project - Request Header Parser Microservice on freeCodeCamp

My solution

Played with!

Once connected to my GitHub profile, I tried to put my 5th OpenClassRooms project online.

At that time I could not understand how to run a node server using github pages, so I gave up.

If I set up everything correctly, by visiting the website should be up and working.


I like being a Disney employee and have the luxury of working with incredible people inside the park.

Even if my job doesn't involve the use of a PC at all, I also love writing code and programming at home.

One day I will also master this wonderful piece of software.

I love computers and I always will.

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