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Regular Expressions

I hated them in college and still hate them. A concept that fascinates me but gets on my nerves and makes me want to pull my hair out.

This topic for me is so boring that it seemed useless to write two blog posts.

Day 38 & 39: 05/06 September 2020

**freeCodeCamp Progress:**

I completed the challenges but I had serious difficulties with the last 5.

The challenges with lookaheads and capture groups were so difficult that after a while I had to look at the clues, and a few minutes after I had to peek at the solutions.

First day

Second day


As usual, I was looking for a Cheatsheet and I found this image within an article on medium.

"The Best Front-End Hacking Cheatsheets — All in One Place"


I found a blog post that covers the *basic* concepts of this cryptic part of the programming languages.

If you can read the line below you don't need to read the article...


I found RexExr:

"RegExr is an online tool to learnbuild, & test Regular Expressions."


They make me sick.

**Link to tweet:**

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