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During my trainings I built computers from spare parts, installed and configured operating systems and Web servers, created Landing Pages, Databases, Web Apps, Widgets, dynamic visualizations and games.

This website was created to tell the story of my journey as a web developer, but also to collect my projects on one page. As you may have already guessed, this is the Portfolio page.


This project is an MVP that I have created for the fictitious company Groupomania.

This Full-Stack application is a social network created for internal use that allows colleagues to write, share and comment on articles on the platform.

There are no "likes" or a follower counter in this social network because they promote FOMO and could create tensions and divisions. The purpose of this platform is to share useful information between colleagues and hence there is no advertisement.

The frontend part uses:

  • VueJS & Bootstrap for creating the user interface;
  • VueX to manage the global state of the application;
  • Vue Router for the app navigation.

The backend part uses:

  • Node.js / Express
  • MySQL (Sequelize ORM) to store the discussions and the users account informations



This e-commerce site deals with the sale of cameras and it is an MVP that I created for the fictitious company Orinoco.

My idea was to propose professional and technologically advanced cameras but aesthetically modified to look like antique cameras.

This website uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to collect and display information from an API call.

The Bootstrap framework was chosen to provide a uniform interface across all platforms.


UX / UI Design

Here you can see some of my latest freeCodeCamp projects that I have made for fun and practice.

Where to find my projects


On GitHub you will find most of the projects I created for the Web Developer formation with OpenClassRooms.


On CodePen you will find most of the projects I created for the freeCodeCamp Full Stack Developer curriculum.

P5 Editor

I was familiar with the Processing programming language so I decided to try P5.js, a JavaScript library for creative coding.

For some time I have been using this library to create side projects. Just for fun!


In Italy

I obtained my first IT certifications:

November 31, 2009 System Administrator et Programmeur Full stack LAMP

November 31, 2009 CISCO Systems CCNA Certification


I collected all the freeCodeCamp certifications for the Full Stack Developer Curriculum plus the "Foundational C# with Microsoft" Certification.

February 17, 2022

Data Visualization

March 16, 2022

Quality Assurance

In France

During the pandemic I obtained a diploma as a certified web developer:

Diplôme niveau 5 (Bac+2) Titre de niveau 5, NSF 326t, enregistré au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

OpenClassRooms March 9, 2021

Yes, I speak three languages.

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