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Pandemic and Programming

Today Disneyland Paris officially closes its doors due to the pandemic.

So I am (again) at home and I can dedicate 100% of MY time to study.

Day 71: 29 October 2020

**Today’s Progress:**


I reviewed the first part of the Upgrade to Full stack with Node.js, Express and MongoDB course (in French) that concerns Node.js, nodemon, Postman, Express, Middleware, CRUD and CORS.

Then, I completed the second part.

Here's the resume for this part of the course :

  • you have configured your MongoDB database and connected it to your Express application ;
  • you used Mongoose to create a data model to facilitate the database operations ;
  • you have implemented, in your Express application, the CRUD routes that exploit your Mongoose data model, making your application fully dynamic.

Finalizing the 5th project before the evaluation:

  • Added partners logo
  • Fixed code comments
  • Fixed the footer for the mobile viewport
  • Added scroll-behavior: smooth; to the html element
  • Fixed Sitemap links in the footer
  • Prepared a cool presentation with slides (in French)

**Link to tweet:**

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