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Last night I was so tired that my eyes were watering and I couldn't blog.

Day24: 10 August 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

Thanks to node.js we can concatenate various scripts to perform cascaded operations.

With the npm utility provided by node.js we can install various packages.

For example, we may need to correct errors in our code so that it follows good practices. In this case what we need is a Linter:


If we want to use the latest version of JavaScript so that we can use the latest technology, what we are looking for is a Transpiler:

If our intent is to have a single file for our entire site then a Bundler is what we need:

To further reduce the size of our files, the Minifier is the ideal solution:


I found out how to use localStorage to save variables and be able to use them later in other pages. This blog article explains the concept very well.

Also for the fifth project I will need the Promises to solve some steps.


I am learning a lot of things that I had heard about for months but not having a clear path to follow it was difficult for me to understand their way of use.

**Link to tweet:**

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