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Day 54: 02 October 2020

This morning I had a videoconference with my mentor and we reviewed together some points of the fifth OpenClassRooms project.

My project does its dirty work even if there are still some parts of the code that need to be refactored.

**Today’s Progress:**

First of all, since I'm writing a test plan, he advised me to choose between functional programming or object oriented programming. This way it will be easier for me to write some unit tests.

So, I started enclosing blocks of code in functions and realized that I needed another JavaScript revision, as I start to lose confidence in myself because I tend to forget the syntax.

I need to fill in my gaps as quickly as possible before I start to forget the syntax or worse, confuse concepts. For this reason I reread the JavaScript pdf created by Flavio Copes.

Afterwards, I wanted to play a bit with the code, using other sites suggested in this article.

I had already tried some of them, but none of them particularly impressed me.

The first website broke my hopes.

I thought I could brush up on JavaScript from the basics but in reality I found myself writing algorithms to manage elevators. Very nice, for the first 5 minutes. Then boredom and sense of futility prevailed.

So I tried the last two websites that I was missing from the list.

Flexbox Defense although very short, it was useful to go over the basics and have an immediate visual feedback for each CSS line. Graphics bare to the bone but it does the job.

It gave me a sort of flexbox cheatsheet at the end !

Even if it only concerns the use of CSS selectors, CSS Diner so far has been the most graphically accurate. In this game you have to select dishes or food using the CSS selectors. Lovely.

With a deep sense of disappointment, I realized that what I really need is to brush up on the basics and advanced notions of JavaScript so that it becomes second nature for me.

For this reason, I have reinstalled the apps that I hope will allow me to review the fundamentals of JavaScript every day, so that I can write code with confidence.

Of all the apps I've tried, the only one worthy of note is Codecademy. For one simple reason: Cheatsheets.

I had already used this website in 2012 (together with W3Schools) to learn how to create simple web pages... And now there is also the mobile version!


I have already completed and reviewed several times the OpenClassRooms and freeCodeCamp courses concerning JavaScript, so I need to find other resources and I also need to apply the acquired knowledge immediately.

I need to rewrite my daily routine so that it includes:

  • Write code for OpenClassRooms projects;
  • Review the basics of JavaScript and advanced concepts with Codecademy;
  • Start freeCodeCamp JavaScript projects in parallel to get the certificate.

I found other sites that will be worth trying one of these days:


I write them here so I don't lose them and above all I start to close some Chrome tabs.

I will use this post as a roadmap to complete the recommended sites one by one.

Eat. Sleep. JavaScript.

*BONUS* I found this article on mediums that tells how the author learned to program and the resources he used. And this fantastic book!

"But Gabriele, here you are talking about resources and you have given me sites that even children know by now…"

Here is my personal list of resources and useful websites for a web developer.

Each site has been carefully chosen for a specific reason and is by no means a collection of redundant links.

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