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Day 55: 04 October 2020

2 days ago I wrote that my daily routine must include:

**Today’s Progress:**

Just when I had started a routine during my vacations…

my beloved laptop left me out of the blue.

It died while I was sleeping peacefully on the couch, the screen didn't even give me time to say goodbye to it.

Luckily, I put money aside for emergencies.

This inconvenience will not stop me.

I have to follow my plans, so I installed in the new laptop Chrome, Git, Node.js, and of course VSCode.

Once I opened VSCode I installed my two favorite extensions: GitLens and prettier. Then I continued to code the fifth OpenClassRooms project.

I had to study again the whole section of freeCodeCamp about the Functional Programming approach, since the fifth project involves writing a test plan.
And there cannot exist a test plan if there are no functions to test…

So now, I could fix my project that was written with an imperative approach. I preferred to gradually modify the code in order to strengthen the association from the imperative to the functional approach.

I still have a few things to do in order to deliver the project:

  • Add some content to the front-end;
  • Comment the code;
  • Write a test plan.

Following my plans, while Windows Update did his job with my new laptop, I did an hour session with Codecademy Go. Their cheatsheets are fabulous.

Reviewing the code with the Quizzes also helps me to verify that the knowledge has been acquired. That's great!

The last thing I had left was to continue the challenges on freeCodeCamp: conversion to Roman numerals!


After a moment of confusion I realized that I now live in France…

F4çk!n# AZERTY!

If I change the layout in Italian QWERTY I don't need to memorize a different keyboard layout... I don't even look at the keyboard when I type… but you can't imagine how this pisses me off.

On the other hand, I now live in France, sooner or later I will have to memorize this keyboard layout... sigh!

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