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Day19: 31 july 2020

This morning I took a quick look at the fifth project that I will have to code.

Cloned the repo, runned npm install... the fan of my laptop started to spin(?)


Runned node server, opened Firefox and...

What the...

I've spent few hours looking for a fix, changed ports, I've read an article about every workaround that I could possibly use. Nothing worked.

Until.. I removed the "s" in https://localhost:3000

**Today’s Progress:**

Since the hardest thing about the project will be writing the tests, I started looking for information on Google.

I found this tutorial on Jest, and I started coding.

This is a function that tests various possibilities of input and expected output.
Test Driven Development, write test first.
Given a sequence of characters, the function filters the input and gives us the output
The function being tested.

And then, I wrote this exercise: Paris weather forecast.

SPOILER ALERT: The weather will suck.

See the Pen P2C2 JS Web - Récupérez des données d'un service web by Gabriele F (@Meimato) on CodePen.


I need to review my previous knowledge about :

**Link to tweet:**

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