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Day11: 18 july 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

This morning I worked on my 4th project because I completely forgot to check the second page.

I knew that there was a problem with the form but I didn't investigate more... BUT NOT TODAY! I could not go to work without solving this problem. Otherwise, my head would have turned around the question "where is the problem in this @!#£ form?". I cannot allow this torture. SO this morning (before going to work) I checked the page with Google DevTools.

13 errors.

Actually, the second page uses the MINIFIED version of CSS and JavaScript files........ But... I didn't minified them.

Minifier to the rescue!

Easy peasy. Done! Commit! Push!


This is the first day that I program for 2 hours before going to work.

I was so relaxed and satisfied for the entire day.

Now I'm back home and I have enough time to write on the blog.

This is a good routine.

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