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It’s a marathon not a sprint!

I started the fifth OpenClassRooms project almost a month ago and I had some difficulties, especially with localStorage and the objects.

In the meantime I've been going over vanilla JavaScript, ES6, Data Structures, Bootstrap and some algorithms.

Thanks to bootstrap, I saved a lot of time during the creation of the structure and the page layout.

Day 41: 10 September 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

Main Page

I added some graphic elements to make the page more professional:

  • Now the cards have rounded corners. When you hover over them with the mouse, an animation is launched: it extends the edge and changes the background color.
  • I've finally replaced the links with buttons.
  • Pages now use a fluid container.
Hover effect on cards

As far as the functional part of the website is concerned:

  • Added two icons on the cart page. They allow us to remove the single product from the cart and we can also empty it.
  • I used the splice method to delete the desired item and the reload function to reload the page content.
  • The lenses are now passed with our array of objects and appear in our shopping cart summary.
  • A basic form field validation form has been written but is not yet fully functional.
Cart Page

For the validation of the form fields I found this article very interesting and I have to study it in depth.

In particular, to test and validate the email field I looked for different types of email addresses.

As far as the look and structure of the shopping cart page is concerned, I found a professional template that would have been suitable for me, but I really don't think I can integrate it in this project.

Speaking of Templates, I found StartBootstrap. This site allows us to create and edit free MIT-licensed templates. It also provides us with some very useful snippets that can speed up our productivity.

Added to my Wakelet list.


No rush, no pressure!

Life as learning is a marathon, not a sprint.

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