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I made some progress on the 5th OpenClassRooms project

Day35: 30 August 2020

Once I finished the freeCodeCamp sections I needed, I started writing the code for the fifth OpenClassRooms project again.

**Today’s Progress:**

  • Added a working Product Detail page
  • Added a Select that allows to choose the lenses
  • Added a link "Add to Cart" (it will be a button) that stores the object into the localStorage

For the moment I have two pages:

  1. The main page pulls the information using the API. It creates a card for every camera containing its name, its description, the image, the price and the Product Detail link. When this link is clicked, the page adds to the URL the product ID.
  2. The Product Detail page shows the same information but it adds the possibility to choose the lenses and to add the product to the cart.

The cart page shows on the console the localStorage content. Later I will write the code that draws the table with Bootstrap. This table will contain a recapitulation of the cart with the total to pay.

This page will also have a form to create the order. The data will be sent to the back-end.


I was so tired that last night that I felt asleep and I could not write this post.

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