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I love computers!

From an early age I have always felt a keen interest in everything related to computer science. As I grew up, this desire for knowledge and to improve my computer skills only increased.

I have the last three OpenClassRooms projects left and I'm already thinking about what I'll do next.

Day26: 14 August 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

I started to code the 5th project and I wrote a prototype of the main page with Bootstrap 4. No color, no padding, no love.

The page sends a request and the server returns the response with an array of objects representing cameras.

By clicking on "details" (which I will later turn into a button), another page opens that shows our product in detail.

The main page of my 5th project.

I found this article that shows that's also possible to use the sessionStorage, but I used the URL to send informations from the main page to the product detail page.

I needed to look through the cheatsheets several times and search for additional resources. Finally, I found this site with a lot of Bootstrap 4 snippets which also contains other guides.


I must write code faster and memorize most typical Bootstrap elements.

Kintaro Oe loves computers almost as much as I do.

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