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How I gave a more professional look to the Home Page

The aesthetics of a website plays a decisive role in the choices of its users.

At the beginning of the fifth OpenClassRooms project I only thought about making the site 100% functional and I didn't want to spend precious time embellishing it.

Once I made the pages functional, I gave some love in the form of CSS thanks to Bootstrap.

I added some hover effects, but I wasn't completely satisfied yet.

Day 56: 06 October 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

A few weeks ago I bookmarked an interesting article about wireframes and UX design.

Following the ideas proposed by the article and the video, I wanted to make my own personalized version, in order to get out of my comfort zone.

Every step we take out of the comfort zone is pure progress.

I wanted to go beyond the concepts proposed by the UX tutorial, so I looked for code snippets that would allow me to insert a video as the background of a section.

I also found a small JavaScript library called AOS.js (Animate on Scroll), which makes page scroll-based transitions really easy to make.

I needed some free and licence-free stock videos. Fortunately pexels (in addition to the photos) also offers us the possibility to download videos.

The only problem is that I downloaded two videos and their weight was impressive, one weighed over 80MB.

No panic.

CloudConvert comes to our rescue!

This website converts EVERYTHING into ANYTHING.

Et voilà!

New Home Page

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow me to upload videos if I do not pay for the premium services. In addition, CloudConverter converts from videos to gifs, but the weight of the file increases rather than decreases, so I am forced to use ScreenToGif.

And thanks to compressor I saved: 4.2 MB


I still have to add a little bit of content here and there but the bulk of the work has been done.


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