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Here comes a new challenger: Codecademy!

Day 61: 13 October 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

I decided to go through all JavaScript one last time using Codecademy. It was the first website that years ago taught me how to write in JavaScript. I don't know why I can't get the old account back. Anyway, it will be one more chance to review.

It is vital to have a solid foundation before studying advanced concepts and using frameworks.

Writing code must become second nature for me.

After completing the OpenClassRooms and freeCodeCamp JavaScript courses I don't think there are many topics or notions that may have escaped me, but you never know.

I love Codecademy because it provides a cheat sheet for quick reference.

In addition, a summary.

Codecademy Review


Let’s take one more glance at the concepts we just learned:

  • Data is printed, or logged, to the console, a panel that displays messages, with console.log().
  • We can write single-line comments with // and multi-line comments between /* and */.
  • There are 7 fundamental data types in JavaScript: strings, numbers, booleans, null, undefined, symbol, and object.
  • Numbers are any number without quotes: 23.8879
  • Strings are characters wrapped in single or double quotes: 'Sample String'
  • The built-in arithmetic operators include +-*/, and %.
  • Objects, including instances of data types, can have properties, stored information. The properties are denoted with a . after the name of the object, for example: 'Hello'.length.
  • Objects, including instances of data types, can have methods which perform actions. Methods are called by appending the object or instance with a period, the method name, and parentheses. For example: 'hello'.toUpperCase().
  • We can access properties and methods by using the ., dot operator.
  • Built-in objects, including Math, are collections of methods and properties that JavaScript provides.

Front-End integration for the fifth OpenClassRooms project using Bootstrap.

Added a few animations using the JavaScript library called Animate on Scroll.

** The gif was so heavy even after compressing that I had to upload it to Twitter so I could post it here. **

I have made some progress in intermediate algorithm scripting challenges on freeCodeCamp.

Convert the characters &<>" (double quote), and ' (apostrophe), in a string to their corresponding HTML entities.

Convert HTML Entities
My solution for the challenge

I tried to make the next challenge with the fibonacci series but I had some small problems with the endless cycles and recursion.

Chrome crash

So for the moment I gave up.


I am quite satisfied with the final performance of my project.

I think I will add a real footer, replacing the current one.

I just found out that WordPress needs an 1200 per 675 pixel size image for its cover.

**Link to tweet:**

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