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Hello! Let me introduce myself and explain the purpose of this blog.

I am Gabriele

I am an italian man of about 30-40 years old. Nice to meet you! 😎

Although I've been a real computer geek since I was 5 years old, I am a very private person and have never wanted to keep a blog or use social networks.

Now I have a Twitter account and a blog! WHY?!

The thinker is a victim of paralysis by analysis

At the beginning for an introverted person like me, writing in a blog was only for the "professionals programmers or fashion influencers" and also, I didn't wanted to be online, visible, public.

But the lack of motivation and concentration led me to a passive lifestyle where every day seemed the same, and once the routine was in place it was very difficult to change it.

I had stopped studying, learning, doing.

Or to put it better, I studied a lot of subjects but I didn't memorise the information in the long term, I learned a lot of things but I forgot them after a few months, every personal project I started was abandoned after a few days…

For a long time I was looking for a way to escape from this passive loop but by procrastinating and reflecting about a solution I was actually a victim of paralysis by analysis.

Waiting for the perfect moment to get off to a good start.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

You are right my dear Albert!

All this had to change...

Why did I create this blog?

This blog act as a routine builder and as a log of my progress.

The only way to break the procrastination loop was to change my routine.

It takes about 90 consecutive days to reinforce a routine and make it permanent in the long term. Any 'break' in this chain risks interrupting the psychological reinforcement process permanently and we have to start again.

This blog and all the coding challenges will help me to consolidate my routine.

It will also allow me to organise some of my computer knowledge and to find my own tutorials and pieces of code, when I need them.

This is my FIRST blog post and as a reader maybe you are wondering...

What are you doing right now?

I am currently following a certified formation in web development.

At the beginning of this formation, there are 2 suggested courses:

  1. How to stay up to date with the last technologies
  2. Learn how to learn

In short this is what I learned:

How to stay up to date with the last technologies?

First, we need a tool to get a constant flux of information.

This ideal tool for me is Twitter! This is why I am using it to stay up to date with the last technologies and to follow incredible people.

Here is my latest tweets.

Newsletters are also useful.

I am an old time subscribers of Quincy Larson's newsletter and he NEVER disappointed me. His periodic email informs me about the latest courses released on freeCodeCamp.

We will get tons of informations like tutorials, courses, etc.

A lot of online tools and websites need to be organized and bookmarked somewhere.

I am currently using Wakelet to store a list of every tool or course that I find useful and I used at least once.

This is my current list.

How to "Learn how to learn"?

I already use a poweful system called "The Pomodoro Technique" and I have integrate it with other techniques I found in this course.

I discovered new ways to subdivide my work and I also learned how to be more efficient and how to improve my long term memory by using different learning methods.

I discovered the importance of having a roadpmap ( read more ).

Learn and share are some of my favourite methods but there are plenty of them. At the end of this course, the teacher suggests being part of a community.

So here I am.

and now I need a community.

"United we stand, divided we fall"


I want to challenge myself so no community for now (I hope I don't fall...)

I am a very competitive person and I enjoy taking part in challenges that put my skills and knowledge to the test.

That's why I preferred to take part in the #100DaysOfCode challenge rather than try to join a randomly chosen community.

I also work in Disneyland Paris as a salesman and since I'm going to need a lot of motivation, I'm going to start this blog at the same time as the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

Please, if you are still reading, keep in mind:

This is my first blog, moreover in a foreign language for me.

I will try to be as clear as possible, but expect to find some nonsensical grammatical constructions.

TLDR; I'll log here my #100DaysOfCode challenge!

May 2024


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