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Day 88: 25 November 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

I keep following the introductory course about Vue.js (in French) on OpenClassRooms.

I reviewed several times the first section of this course to better memorize every concept.

Then, I completed the next two lessons, and they changed everything...

Now I know that we can simply write

vue create incredible-app

and the Vue CLI will help us create the project structure and configuration.


The second lesson taught me that every single element of the page can be written as a reusable component.

We can also create a Single File Component that is responsable of everything that regards that particular element.

So, this file will contain the code HTML / CSS / JavaScript for a single element!

When I reached the test at the end of the second lesson, I felt that I had gaps.

Despite my doubts, the course reassures me by telling me that I have learned how to:

  • install Vue CLI ;
  • create a new Vue application with Vue CLI ;
  • configure a Vue application with Vue CLI ;
  • the applications generated by Vue CLI are structured ;
  • identify components on a web page ;
  • create components with single-file components ;
  • use components in other components ;
  • transfer data in components with props.

I had already thought that I might have some gaps, so I had already found two pdf books that teach Vue.js from the basics.

The first one: "It is an unofficial and free Vue.js ebook created for educational purposes." and it is called Learning Vue.js. It contains a lot of code and also it provides several links to jsfiddle so we can try each concept.

The second one is the one I prefer.

It is written by Flavio Copes and if you are a visual person like me you will love it. This book contains less code compared to the other one, but the author uses a lot of images and gives way more explanations!

Get it now at no cost!

With these two resources I was able to enrich my cultural background.

Now I also know how to use Vue on CodePen, with Vue CLI and how to use CodeSandbox to build apps in the cloud.

I've discovered that Vue does a first commit automatically with Git (?)

We can use the 'vue inspect' command to access the Webpack configuration. ...okay... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I installed Vue DevTools as extensions for Firefox and Chrome and also the Standalone version.

Also, I installed the VSCode extension called Vetur which allows us to use:

  • syntax highlighting
  • intellisense
  • snippets
  • and much more...


Then, at the end of all this, I did what I should have done from the beginning… open the documentation!

No, not this one...

The official documentation!


This is the best documentation I have ever seen.

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