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Functional Programming - Part. 1

Functional programming is a style of programming where solutions are simple, isolated functions, without any side effects outside of the function scope.


Day40: 08 September 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

I started Functional Programming challenges on freeCodeCamp.

Very little progress today.

7 / 24 challenges completed.

I encountered some difficulties associated with "The Necessary Pain of Trial-and-Error" so I looked at the documentation. I spent a lot of time and I felt so confused, that means I need to review lot of concepts:

Special attention should be paid to the map method and the arrow function expressions.

My first attempt vs the solution


For the moment the code that I wrote for the 5th OpenClassRooms project is using an imperative approach. It's now time to choose an Object Oriented approach or a Functional Programming approach.

I will probably read again the JavaScript Handbook written by Flavio Copes.

W3schools and JavaScript may also come in handy.

**Link to tweet:**

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