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Day20: 2 August 2020

Completed the course about Bootstrap4 on OpenClassRooms.

I have already completed the basic and advanced JavaScript courses on OpenClassRooms but I feel I have shortcomings, so I have returned from my first love.


Responsive Web Design path to obtain the Certification.
I have completed the Responsive Web Design path in January 2020

I had already expressed the desire this year to return to programming, and it was one of the good intentions of this year, together with learning once and for all the windmill.

How to windmill

I know very well, I don't correspond at all to the programmer's stereotype.

But thanks to the covid I can cross it off my list given the extremely unhygienic action to be performed.

**Today’s Progress:**

So today I decided to resume the JavaScript path offered by freeCodeCamp to consolidate my knowledge.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure path to obtain the certification.
I wrote the two projects long ago.

So, I started all over again.

Escape Sequences in Strings, table with code and the corresponding output.
I had forgotten how damn cool freeCodeCamp was.


I think freecodecamp can really help me write some code every day.

The teaching method is impeccable.

I used this site a long time ago, when there were ONLY 4 courses to become a full-stack developer, but I quit it because I moved to France.

I started using it again earlier this year but after all, it is better for me to take advantage of the time available to obtain a certificate issued by a French organization.

**Link to tweet:**

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