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Dev Advent Calendar - Day #01

The festive season is approaching and what better occasion to participate… in a Christmas-themed JavaScript programming competition! RIGHT?!

One of the advantages of using Twitter (if not the only one for me) is that we can use it as a tool to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

A tweet from Quincy Larson (the creator of freeCodeCamp) informed me of a fun and exciting initiative.

"The Dev Advent Calendar is an initiative by @themarcba in order to give back to the community and learn something on the way."

A kind of Christmas advent calendar but instead of consuming 24 chocolates, we have to solve 24 coding puzzles.

I immediately decided to join the initiative.

Before I had finished watching the video, I had already opened VSCode.

There is also a chance to win prizes, but I do not participate for this reason.

"The important thing is not to win, but to participate with a winning spirit."

Day 1

Rescue Rudolf

The first puzzle involves two-dimensional arrays, and you have to find Rudolf (the reindeer emoticon) in the middle of a forest of trees. Once Rudolf has been found, his coordinates within the array must be provided .

Here's my solution.

It ain't much but its honest work.

These kinds of initiatives are very interesting because they allow us to test our knowledge and compare our solutions with those of other developers.


  1. Click the participation link
  2. Clone your repository
  3. Solve the puzzle
  4. Test your solution
  5. Add your Twitter handle
  6. Git push your changes

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