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Day15: 25 july 2020

Yesterday I finally presented my fourth project.

This project is about SEO On-Page techniques, basically they gave me a page full of errors and I had to fix it.

I had to make two corrections at the last minute.

The first one: I had done a very stupid typo when I scaled the images. They had to be 570x570 and instead I had set them 270x270.

The second: out of carelessness I left the original formatting of the code given to me, believing that it did not matter during the presentation of the project. I was wrong. So I formatted the code with Pretty Formatter.


In the image there is a girl celebrating the good result.

**Today’s Progress:**

From today, I start the fifth project involving JavaScript and Bootstrap.

I have already made good progress on the JavaScript lessons to follow, and today I started the Bootstrap 4 course.

Bootstrap is a framework that allows us to create web pages very quickly.

Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it uses a 12 column system to create the page grid and that many elements are immediately available for use.

I will use version 4 to do the project and I only hope that I will not have to learn notions that will prove useless, obsolete or worse erroneous.

For example, in version 5 of Bootstrap there will be no jQuery.


I am very happy because I have three projects left to finish the course and I have already learned a lot.

I can't wait to start writing the code for the fifth project.

For now I have to settle for small pieces of code to test the topics I study.

**Link to tweet:**

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