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Bcrypt & JsonWebToken for backend authentication

Day 75: 04 November 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

I continue to follow, review and study the course "Upgrade to Full stack with Node.js, Express and MongoDB" (in French) on OpenClassRooms.

Today, I have completed the third section of the course.

In summary, in this part of the course :

  • we have added a User data template to store user information in our database ;
  • we have implemented secure password encryption to securely store user passwords;
  • we have created and sent tokens to the front end to authenticate queries;
  • we have added authentication middleware to secure routes in your API. This way, only authenticated requests will be managed.

The amount of JavaScript modules that I download and use with Node.js is starting to become voluminous.

I understand that this allows us to avoid reinventing the wheel, but this system of black boxes makes learning very blurred for me.

For this reason it will be better to go over this course over and over again.


Even if the backend is written using the same language as the frontend, JavaScript, the way to write code changes radically so I will have to study in depth the syntax and methods I used during this course.

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