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Basic Algorithm Scripting

Day31: 23 August 2020

Continuing with the freeCodeCamp path, this time the protagonists are the basic algorithms.

I had gone through some of these exercises few months ago, but I had a good time doing them all over again today.

So today, the goal was to complete the section and pass the exercises I had left.

Among the proposed exercises, two amused me and put me in difficulty.

I wrote the solutions without looking for the optimal and engineered solution in any way.

Title Case a Sentence

Return the provided string with the first letter of each word capitalized. Make sure the rest of the word is in lower case.

For the purpose of this exercise, you should also capitalize connecting words like "the" and "of".

Title Case a Sentence

You are given two arrays and an index.

Copy each element of the first array into the second array, in order.

Begin inserting elements at index n of the second array.

Return the resulting array. The input arrays should remain the same after the function runs.

**Today’s Progress:**

Completed the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenges on freeCodeCamp for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.


I cannot wait to start the next section of freeCodeCamp:

Object Oriented Programming !

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