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The Cambridge Dictionary defines "Back to basics":

Returning to the simple and most important things

Day21: 04 August 2020

Evening work, light sleep and noisy neighbor are concepts that don't go well together.

For now I create a lot of stress between work and study, but what worries me is the loss of motivation beyond the fear of having skipped or forgotten some basic concept.

A few days ago I expressed the desire to start using freeCodeCamp again.

So there it is.

**Today’s Progress:**


  • Concatenating Strings (+, +=)
  • Constructing Strings with variables
  • Appending Variables to Strings
  • Find the length of a String
  • Find the first character in a string (with bracket notation)
  • Understand String Immutability
  • Find the nth character in a String (using bracket notation)
  • Find the last character in a String (using bracket notation)


  • Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays
  • Nest one Array within Another Array
  • Access Array Data with Indexes
  • Modify Array Data with Indexes
  • Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays with Indexes
  • Manipulate Arrays with push()
  • Manipulate Arrays with pop()
  • Manipulate Arrays with shift()
  • Manipulate Arrays with unshift()


  • Write reusable JavaScript with functions
  • Passing Value to functions with Arguments
  • Global scope and Functions
  • Local Scope and Functions
  • Global vs Local scope
  • Return a Value from a function with Return
  • Understanding Undefined Value returned from a Function
  • Assignment with a Returned Value


  • Queue Data Structure
  • Understanding Boolean Values


I'm so tired. I need to sleep more.

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