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Back to basics part.3

Day23: 08 August 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

First Thing First

The first thing I had to do today was to code the solution of the exercise about the Record Collection.

This morning I immediately found the solution while yesterday I encountered some difficulties.

Then I completed the Basic JavaScript course offered by freeCodeCamp.

I also created the main page for my 5th project at OpenClassRooms ( I have almost completed the web - developer path).

With an XMLHttpRequest, the page contacts a node server and returns a list of cameras. Then, using bootstrap I also created a basic responsive web page with a navigation bar, font awesome icons, and a footer.


Right now I work 5 days a week, from early afternoon until almost midnight, and in my "free time" I write code to become a Web Developer with OpenClassRooms.

Since I had to motivate myself, I started the # 100DaysOfCode challenge "to put some pressure on me" (as they say here in France).

So I log my progress with this blog ... it is read by TWO PEOPLE! 😀

Thanks to freeCodeCamp I can revise the concepts of JavaScript and at the same time I can fill some gaps.

FreeCodeCamp is also a great way to force me to code at least one hour a day.

Pomodo Technique + #100DaysOfCode + OpenClassRooms + freeCodeCamp

But actually, the hardest thing for me is to write in this damn blog... in English... at 3 a.m.

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