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Day 86: 21 November 2020

Since I am an OpenClassRooms student, for the first time in my life I have a mentor.

At first I was very skeptical because I imagined something terribly boring and academic.

Instead, talking even just 30 minutes a week with someone more experienced in the field helps tremendously.

Any example?

I would have lost a lot of time to find the JavaScript modules that allow me to perform a certain task.

The advantage of having a second person who sees a typing error in the code…

A person who can suggest me a topic or an article to deepen my knowledge…

Yesterday I had my weekly meeting with my OpenClassRooms mentor to recap the situation.

As usual, I took quick notes of things to do and to fix:

My memos are a mix of English, French and Italian...

**Today’s Progress:**

I have almost completed the list of suggestions and changes to the code assigned to me by my mentor.

  1. Corrected the JavaScript code for the user schema so that it contains only email and password.

2. Created on MongoDB Atlas a second administrator account, so that I have two: one to delete or modify the tables, and the other to modify the contents of the database.

3. Removed (always within MongoDB Atlas) the unique index I had set for the userId field in the user collection. Since I removed this unique attribute in the schema I have to drop the index from the database.

4. Removed all the functions that allowed me to delete all sauces, get all registered users and delete an user.

Now I will directly use MongoDB Atlas instead!

5. Installed and used the JavaScript Helmet module to add additional headers to make the system more secure.


In my list of things to do only remains:

6. Write the code for the EIGHT possible like/dislike combinations…

**Link to tweet:**

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