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Adding some love with Bootstrap

I already know that Bootstrap negative aspects are:

  • It still has jQuery (it will be removed with the 5.0 release);
  • It is heavy;
  • It may kills creativity giving a "template" look to our page if Bootstrap CSS is not customized;
  • It has a LOT of useful components that we might not use at all. Bloat.

For example, we can check the CSS coverage with Chrome DevTools

Run command

Type "coverage" and select Show Coverage option
Click the reload button

But the CSS framework has some advantages:

  • We can quickly build a prototype: "Time is money, friend";
  • I am not a professional designer but I can quickly build a website that looks professional;
  • Boostrap can be customized to reduce its size and to remove unused code;
  • Responsive Design and Mobile-First approach
  • Cross-browser support (...more or less...)

There is an interesting article that also proposes some alternatives to Bootstrap. He also links this video from a CSS conference (2014) about Bootstrap performances.

Day37: 03 September 2020

OpenClassRooms suggests 3 courses for the 5th project, two of them are dedicated to JavaScript and the third one is about Bootstrap 4.

So it is now time to add some CSS love to my project... using Bootstrap.

**Today’s Progress:**

Main Page

Cart Page with a form to complete the order

For the moment the form does nothing.


Soon, I will need RegExp (Regular Expressions) to check and to validate the input before sending it to the back-end.


OpenClassRooms have got you covered... more or less...

freeCodeCamp come to the rescue... as usual!

Only heroes come to the rescue so... @ Quincy Larson

**Link to tweet:**

**Link to work:**

Download and run the back-end server and then visit this page.

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