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Day 01: 07 july 2020

The mission for this project is to obtain a better ranking in Google.

This is the Lighthouse score of the starting website.

Mobile version
Desktop version

**Today’s Progress:**

Yesterday, I spent the whole day looking at my notes in order to re-create a roadmap for my 4th project. The starting project is a website with blackhat SEO and several accessibility issues and zero knowledge about SEO.

I have to fix it and write a report with reference and screenshots.

Now, I just finished the SEO On-Page Optimization:

When I need to scale an image or do simple image manipulations I use on Windows.

To compress the image I use this free service called

I also minify my code with this minifier online

Then I check the website with multiple tools

W3C Validators

Accessibility Test

Mobile Test

Speed Test


I am so satified.

My Wakelet list with my favourite tools is getting bigger and BIGGER!

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