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Accessibility is important

Today I am so tired returning from work that I will write the whole post in Italian and then I will translate it with google translate. Enjoy the show.

I didn't post yesterday. I completely forgot it and spent the entire evening studying accessibility (again!) And going over (again!) The basics of JavaScript.

Thanks to the training I started to be more interested in accessibility. With a few simple precautions in some cases you can get amazing results.

The inclusive design makes functionality accessible and could indirectly improve the quality of life of other people not affected by that particular type of handicap.

Usually when I have to test a site and do a quick audit of the situation I use different resources to get a complete picture of the situation:


Yes, I purposely put the links thrown so on the page in a horrible way because I would like you to open your favorite project and test it with each of these sites. Very easy. Paste the link and click. Zero registration and all for free.

The first two are the official W3C validation tests for HTML and CSS respectively.

The third is a site very well done from a graphic and functional point of view as it indicates WHERE the error lies on the page.

The fourth is another site to test accessibility because it is better to have a second opinion. Four eyes are better than two. In Italy we say so … I don't know about you.

The fifth and sixth check the speed of the site and show the areas that can be improved.

The seventh does more or less the same thing, that is, it shows the site's performance and gives the possibility to export the graphs. Very cool and useful for writing reports.

The latter checks for duplicate content, broken links, and more on the site.

You will possibly say:

"How can a blind man play video games?"

Without the proper technology he sees Fortnite like this:

Gioco molto sfocato dove un personaggio spara in direzione di un albero

If you want an explanation from a blind person, put the video as well, I'm here waiting, I'm not offended.

About 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability, of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning.

They advised me to use these tools as an alternative to the sites I usually use:

But I still haven't had time to test them.

Have you ever played a video game and maybe got stuck for a while because you didn't see correctly the button to dent or the lever stuck in the wall? That's why making a game or website accessible to everyone is vital.

And did you happen to see what the programmers of The Last of Us - Part II did? (This video lasts about thirty minutes. I advise you to watch it later perhaps in front of a cup of tea and with a notepad)

Day12: 20 july 2020


I am dead tired even though today was a very fun day with my colleagues at work.

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