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Day58: 09 October 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

This morning I had a videoconference with my OpenClassRooms mentor to make the point about my fifth project.

He advised them to further subdivide my code so that it would have even smaller functions and would only perform one task.

In line with the Functional Programming approach, I also rewrote the functions so that they all take an input value.

The function that shows the order confirmation

I am still missing the integration of the front-end for the basket page and the confirmation page.

Using Pencil, with the technique of wireframing and rapid prototyping I started to create sketches of the cart page and the confirmation page.

Thanks to Bootstrap and the emmet notation, it will be relatively easy to rewrite the graphic design in code.

I commented a little more than 50% of the code, breaking down the structural parts of the HTML and took advantage of it to do some refactoring.

Now the toast that appears when you add a product to your shopping cart is in the middle of the page, at the top. I had to lower its position because it was above the navigation bar, and even being hidden it was physically present in the DOM, effectively preventing the use of the navigation bar.


I have to:

  1. Write the front-end code for the two pages: basket and confirmation.
  2. Finish commenting on the code.
  3. Start writing the test plan.

Also, I have to get into the habit of using Pencil because it's a very good tool, although I think there's a bug in the last build that doesn't allow me to insert images.

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