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2 days of bug hunting

Day 80-81: 12/13 November 2020

**Today’s Progress:**

Day #80 I followed (for the third time) the OpenClassRooms backend course and I finished reading Flavio Copes' handbook about Express.
I checked the code countless times looking for bugs and I also created some functions that are not required by the project but are useful for the proper maintenance of the database (for example delete users).

Unfortunately I still can't create an appropriate POST request that is recognized by the front-end. So, no real progress.

Day #81 I followed (for the fourth time) the OpenClassRooms backend course checking the code syntax letter by letter.

Found a nasty typo, now I will never forget that it is written

module.exports = thing;

with the S.

But I still can't create an appropriate POST request!

My mentor suggested to me to use dotenv to avoid posting on Github my username/password API.

I found this article on freeCodeCamp and I did it!


I will not stop until I find a way to send the POST request correctly.

Surely the problem will be a stupid typo or something like that because writing:


the terminal shows an EMPTY object!

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