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#100DaysOfCode Weekly Recap 05-06

Day 28

I added a page to this blog that will act as a portfolio. It will probably become the main page.

Right now it contains very little informations but I will expand it over time.

This is the page.

Unfortunately, with the free WordPress plan, I couldn't do much in the way of design. I would also need the paid subscription so we don't have ads.

But I won't pay.

Day 29

I have started following a new playlist on YouTube about the p5.js library.

But this time I work with data. The idea is to get the information we are looking for, using an API.

It can be anything: restaurant reviews, maps, hotel prices, flights, weather, dictionaries, archives...

There's a ton of information available thanks to the API and we just need to know how to create a URL or "query string". The website that shares the API has a documentation explaining how to use it.

To do so we will use URL Query Strings to load a JSON object from a specific URL.

For example using this link you get the weather information for Paris, in JSON format.

Daniel Shiffman is the Bob Ross of programming, but with much more enthusiasm!

Day 30

I created a fun project in p5.js: The weather at Disneyland Paris !

The sketch takes weather information using the API provided by OpenWeatherMap and based on the weather the code, the sketch changes the background and the icon.

At the moment, it only handles the two types of weather you can have here:

rain and cloudy weather...

Day 31

My weather widget is taking shape!!!

The sketch takes the weather information from the OpenWeather API and chooses the appropriate image for the sky.

It now provides the temperature and a short description of the weather.



Day 32

I've played with several API for testing purpose.… and fun! Never forget to have fun!

loadJSON( path, [jsonpOptions], [datatype], [callback], [errorCallback] );

So many possibilities with only one line of code...

There are so many different API that we can use for free and if you want to test some of them, here are the Top50 Most Popular API you can play with in 2021:

Day 33

I am now playing with the code and my webcam thanks to this YouTube playlist!

Day 34

I am still playing with the P5.js library and the camera but I coded mostly on my phone using Spck editor.

"It works on my computer!" ...But it doesn't on my phone. So I found this solution :

And of course, this code doesn't work as intended on my computer. I need to find or create a small block of code to handle different devices.

Day 35 (Today)

The Pixel Array

R ( X + Y * width ) * 4

G ( X + Y * width ) * 4 + 1

B ( X + Y * width ) * 4 + 2

A ( X + Y * width ) * 4 + 3


I am satisfied with my progress with p5.js !

Even though I'm progressing slowly I'm having fun and I've rediscovered the joy of small victories.

After all, programming is my passion, one of my favorite hobbies. Lately I had lost the desire and the motivation. Since I have a completely different job than a developer, I was afraid not to code for a while, but thanks to Daniel Shiffman and his playlists I am having a good time once again.

Thank you!

May 2024


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