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#100DaysOfCode Summary from week number 9 to... the end!

I'm going to add the remaining days until the end of this challenge to this article.

I understand that for the reader this can be useless, but writing down the list of what I've done serves for me as an exercise to boost motivation and as a memo at the same time

Little by little... you have to give it all in all your life

I will add more details and all the time

to this blog post I just ask myself why you're really here .

The path of a web developer is long and winding.


Day 49 of #100DaysOfCode : The advanced concepts of JavaScript are very interesting so I wrote a few lines of code to test them. I reviewed the topics I studied over the past three days.

Day 50 of #100DaysOfCode : I completed all the course quizzes on Skilleos about the advanced JavaScript concepts and I got the certificate. I also started another course on Skilleos about scroll-based animations using the library.

Day 51 of #100DaysOfCode : Today I finished the JavaScript ScrollMagic library course on Skilleos and took another course about the ScrollMagic library. I've learned a lot but as always I feel like it's not enough.

Day 52 of #100DaysOfCode : I have completed a course on the JavaScript ScrollMagic library that allows me to create animations. Now I'm looking for a (free) beginner's course that will teach me how to use the GreenSock library.

Day 53 of #100DaysOfCode : I am moving my first steps with the GreenSock JavaScript library.

I finished the first part of GSAP 3 Express course.

This course is of excellent quality! The content is gradually unlocked after a number of hours, which allows you to memorize the concepts well. The instructor clearly explains the techniques and tools needed to produce engaging animations.

Day 54 of #100DaysOfCode : I created an account on HackerRank to test my skills and spend some time on a new e-learning platform. I started the beginners' course "10 Days of Javascript" and completed the first 8 days, in one afternoon. It was easy but I still learned something.

One of my favourite coding challenge was the Bitwise Operator (Day #6 of 10 Days of Javascript) and it was fun!

This is my solution:

Day 55 of #100DaysOfCode : I have started the #30daysofcode on HackerRank and I am using #javascript.

I am also continue to follow the GSAP 3 Express Free Trial course on Creative Coding Club. I like that both their content is gradually unlocked after a certain number of hours.

Day 56 of #100DaysOfCode : Today, after months of religious silence, I coded while listening to music. I have never been more distracted in my life.

Day 57 of #100DaysOfCode : HackerRank challenges.

Day 58 of #100DaysOfCode : I am experiencing some difficulties with one challenge. I spent a lot of time figuring out the bug.

Day 59 of #100DaysOfCode : Recursions in JavaScript.

Day 60 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue the "30 Days of Code" challenge on HackerRank. I use JavaScript as my language and I didn't find any particular difficulty in today's challenge. Convert a number to binary and count the maximum number of consecutive 1's.

Day 61 of #100DaysOfCode : Today I feel so tired that I cannot complete any challenges on HackerRank. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 62 of #100DaysOfCode : An evening of JavaScript challenges on HackerRank. Fun and relaxing, like doing a crossword puzzle. I completed the challenges on which I had had some problems in the last few days. Nothing incredibly difficult, but tiredness played tricks on me.

Day 63 of #100DaysOfCode : I had quite a few difficulties with today's challenge on HackerRank so today I studied Data structures in JavaScript and in particular Linked Lists.

Day 64 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue to improve my fundamentals in JavaScript and want them to become more solid than steel. Today I studied exceptions and I also played with the GSAP library. I tried today's challenge but HackerRank doesn't like my solution. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 65 of #100DaysOfCode : I completed the GSAP Express course and today I learned how to incorporate GSDevTools so that I can accurately control each animation. I also learned how to remove the flashy effect at the beginning of the animation.

Day 66 of #100DaysOfCode : I am continuing the challenge "30 Days of Code" on Hackerrank. Day 18: Queues and Stacks (JavaScript) Day 19: Interfaces (C++) Day 20: Sorting (JavaScript) I've almost finished this challenge and I'm already wondering what I might do next...

Day 67 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue the challenge "30 Days of Code" on HackerRank. I usually code in JavaScript but today's topic does not have any equivalent. Tried in TypeScript but the platform didn't like it. Day 21: Generics (Java 7) I studied the "Binary Search Trees"

Day 68 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue the challenge "30 Days of Code" on HackerRank. Day 22: Binary Search Trees (JavaScript) I used a recursive function to calculate the height of the tree. Day 23: BST Level-Order Traversal (JavaScript) A.k.a. breadth-first-search (BFS) Day 24: More Linked Lists The ABC of how to use pointers.

Day 69 of #100DaysOfCode : I started coding a few Warm-up Challenges on "The HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit" using JavaScript. A useful way to test my knowledge and fill in some gaps.

Day 70 of #100DaysOfCode : I used JavaScript to code all the Warm-Up Challenges on "The HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit". I am at "Day 26: Nested Logic" of the "30 Days of Code" Challenge on HackerRank. I don't particularly like working with dates but this was pretty easy

Day 71 of #100DaysOfCode : I am doing the Practice Interview Preparation Kit on HackerRank. I have chosen an Array challenge, called "2D Array". The objective is to print the largest (maximum) hourglass sum in a multidimensional array. I also started studying UX & TESTING.

Day 72 of #100DaysOfCode : A new day and a new coding platform to try. This time it's the turn of Coderslang! I like how they combined fiction and programming. They also encourage the use of VSCode from the start as there is an addon that allows you to interact with their website

Day 73 of #100DaysOfCode : Just solved all 30 Days of #code challenges in Tutorials on @HackerRank using #javascript !

Day 74 of #100DaysOfCode : I completed the free portion of the Javascript Coderslang course. I was disappointed to hit the paywall to complete the course. Also I would have preferred to see the results of the quizzes with corrections and explanation instead of the percentage.

Day 75 of #100DaysOfCode : I signed up on @codewars and completed six challenges. I love this platform because it allows me to compare my #code with others. I also resumed my old @SoloLearn account and completed the entire #javascript course. The part about ES6 was helpful.

Day 76 of #100DaysOfCode : I wanted to complete the Sololearn course on CSS, but the platform is not working for me. So I spent the day on Codewars doing challenges in JavaScript. Seeing other people's code is vital in my opinion. I love Codewars.

Day 77 of #100DaysOfCode : Today I get my CSS course completion certificate on Sololearn. The last part of the course was about CSS filters and animations and I played around with the code a bit on Codepen. I like CSS!!! I should write some articles on my blog but I am tired.

Day 78 of #100DaysOfCode : I am now determined to learn React. Or rather, I want to complete the Front End Development Libraries Curriculum on freeCodeCamp. I went through the lessons again from the beginning until "Write a Simple Counter". When I use fCC I feel like I'm at home.

Day 79 of #100DaysOfCode : Writing code in the morning is very strange for me, but from today I'll try to get used to this idea. I'm continuing the freeCodeCamp journey and today I spent an hour reviewing some lessons:

Day 80 of #100DaysOfCode : I finished reviewing the React course offered by freeCodeCamp, for the second time. I have greatly increased my level of understanding of this framework.

Today's topics:

From tomorrow I start Redux! I took a quick look and it looks like the same concepts as VueX.... I really wish React's syntax would come a little closer to VueJS's....

Day 81 of #100DaysOfCode : I started to study Redux using the official tutorial. The site is well maintained and the information is presented with animated gifs and live code, I would have liked to write more code but the tutorial is quite clear and comprehensive.

Day 82 of #100DaysOfCode : As I continue to study React & Redux, I decided to start writing code for the freeCodeCamp project "Build a Markdown Previewer". My project at the moment is unspeakably ugly, but I managed to pass the first 4 tests.

Day 83 of #100DaysOfCode : Build a Markdown Previewer

I had some difficulty despite of the fact that I did the bare minimum to pass all the tests. Some graphic decency was needed and this added a little time to finish the project, but nothing earth-shattering.

At first for the default text I was using single quotes and that took me a considerable amount of time. When I changed to using backticks the problem became escaping all the backticks. I used the renderer to add to the images the Bootstrap class that makes the images responsive.

This threw me off for the last *optional* test (if there is one I'll do it) because I thought I had to use the same technique to show <br> instead of the line return. Instead I just had to set an option -_-'.

Here's the project:

Day 84 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue to build the freeCodeCamp projects for the Front End Development Libraries path. I started writing code to create a drum machine. Sounds like fun!

Day 85 of #100DaysOfCode : About two hours ago, I didn't feel like sitting down at my PC. I started the tomato timer and now I just finished writing the code for the world's ugliest drum machine. I've completed the freeCodeCamp project but don't want to submit it at the moment.

Here's the code if you are curious :

Day 86 of #100DaysOfCode : Added a minimalist graphic to my "Build a drum machine" project for the freeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries Certification. Then I submitted my work. I would have loved to use my sounds but I have no idea how to host audio samples... FOR FREE! I've also added a little animation that kicks in when a pad is activated. Nothing amazing but it does its dirty work.

Here is the code if you are curious:

Day 87 of #100DaysOfCode : I started the freeCodeCamp project "Build a JavaScript Calculator" using React and JavaScript.

Day 88 of #100DaysOfCode : I continue to write code for my "React/JavaScript Calculator" project, spending my time refactoring and debugging. I can't pass the last test to validate the project. Or rather, it works as intended but the test itself gives me an ERROR!

Day 89 of #100DaysOfCode : Today I wanted something new, instead of debugging so I put the calculator project on pause to start a new one. A 25 + 5 timer. Like the one I always use for the Pomodoro Technique. So... I'm using the Pomodoro Technique to create a "tomato timer".

Day 90 of #100DaysOfCode : I thought I had made some progress on coding the latest freeCodeCamp project for FrontEnd Libraries certification. I was wrong. None of the buttons seem to work during testing, yet if I press them they work properly.

Day 91 of #100DaysOfCode : This is fine. I am fine. Everything is fine. There is no reason to panic...

Day 92 of #100DaysOfCode : YESSSSS!!!!!!

Day 93 of #100DaysOfCode : Build a 25 + 5 Clock

I used FontAwesome to have icons instead of labels. It improves the user experience and the overall design of this project.

Too bad I didn't use Date Object but instead I relied upon two variables to keep counting the minutes and the seconds. setInterval and setTimeout are difficult to manage to get an accurate precision. All the test passed but I know there are some nasty bugs...

Day 94 of #100DaysOfCode : Build a JavaScript Calculator

I just earned the Front End Development Libraries certification @freeCodeCamp!

Check it out here:…

Thank you so much @ossia for making freeCodeCamp accessible to everyone. Grazie Mille.

Day 95 of #100DaysOfCode : I started a new course on freeCodeCamp called "Data Visualization with D3" D3.js is a JavaScript library that allows us to draw charts and scatter plots. I thought it was going to be something complicated, but instead I got the hang of it right away!

Day 96 of #100DaysOfCode : Started with a few hours review on the concepts studied yesterday for the first time. Then I spent the rest of the time on the lessons I had left to finish the course on the JavaScript D3 library. Starting tomorrow I'll start coding the projects!

Day 97 of #100DaysOfCode : I started the first freeCodeCamp project for the certification "Data Visualization with D3". So far I've been able to load the information through the API and display it through a bar chart. There is still a lot of work to do. Labels, scales... etc.

Day 98 of #100DaysOfCode : I started the freeCodeCamp course on "Data Visualization with D3" all over again because I felt I had some doubts and gaps. I improved my notes, the transcripts of the code and exercises. I think I really understood everything this time. I hope so..

Day 99 of #100DaysOfCode : I spent most of my time trying to scale the graph, with bad results, but I feel like I'm one step closer to a solution.

Day 100 of #100DaysOfCode

I continue to work on the first freeCodeCamp project for the "Data Visualization with D3" certification. I was able to pass all but the two tests involving tooltips. This second round of the challenge seemed to me "lighter" than the previous one.

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